Why have I started writing my own blog?

Posted: 2010-12-04 in Other

In my first post I would like to explain why I decided to set up my own blog and what I plan to place here.
I’m not a big fan of blogging. I don’t follow any blog about someone other personal life, his/her ups and downs or the new plants in a garden and that’s something you will not find reading this site. Technical blogs on the other side are for me the simplest way to write a technical article, a relation from a conference, a book review or introduce some new useful software on the market.
A few times I was in a situation when I did/found something which could be interesting also for others, but didn’t have a place to express it. This blog is planned to fill in a hole. Besides I plan to write about Software Craftsmanship, Clean Code, TDD and other things which help developing good, testable and maintainable code. I’m also the author of some open source libraries (see sidebar on the left) which could be more popular by writing blog entries about them.
I don’t make an assumption to write regularly. Posts will be published when I have something to share and have time to write it down.
One more thing. Most of my posts will be written in English which isn’t my native language. If you find some typos in posts (or have any suggestion) please drop me an email. Thanks!


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