Concise, clear, with a lot of examples – the reference card for Mockito

Posted: 2012-07-22 in Good Code
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Some time ago I’ve got an idea to make a short document briefly presenting the most important Mockito features with the real life examples. It was targeted at people wanting to quickly learn more about Mockito framework and those who use Mockito from time to time and need a small example to recall a syntax of a given construction. The result of my work was recently released by DZone as the Mockito refcard. Six – ready to print – pages filled in with condensed knowledge, a lot of examples and practical advises.

Why? This is my another action to promote practices helping to write high quality code guided by tests. Besides it always takes me a while to introduce a mocking concept and Mockito itself to a new junior developer and it is quite repetitive job. Having a Mockito refcard I can give it to that person and later talk what he/she was learned and practice it during the pair programming sessions. Pure long-term time savings :).

As a supplement I also started a series of posts about Mockito, extending a refcard with the more advanced topics which did not fit into the base version.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paweł Lipiński who did a complete language review of a draft version and Brice Dutheil, Gordon Dickens and Tomek Kaczanowski for exchanging ideas how to make my refcard better. Krzysiek Jelski, Kamil Szymański, Marceli Kramarczuk and Kamil Żbikowski also contributed by reading a draft version and sending suggestions.

  1. Chris says:

    Hi! I like the idea of a reference card for Mockito and would love to use it, but I don’t quite understand why I need to upload my CV before they’ll grant me access to it. Why would they need my postal address or employer’s details?

    • emszpak says:

      Hi Chris. I have created DZone account many years ago and it seems they have extended their registration form by a few fields since then… You could write to DZone and ask why they need this information and there can use it for. Some of them in my opinion shouldn’t be marked as required.
      Btw, the refcard is also available in a HTML form which is not suitable for printing, but will allow you to read its content.

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