My projects

gradle-pitest-pluginPIT Mutation Testing integration for Gradle-based projects
mockito-java8 – Mockito add-ons leveraging Java 8 and lambda expressions to make mocking even more compact
gradle-nexus-staging-plugin – automatically close/promote Gradle projects to Maven Central
spock-global-unroll – automatically enable parametrized tests unrolling in the whole project
C(ontinuous) Delivery Boy – Continuous Delivery for Gradle-based FOSS projects
AppInfo – display always current version of your software even when automatically deploying from CI server
Perf4CDI – Perf4j integration for CDI (JSR-299)
Seam-Perf4j – Perf4j integration for Seam Framework

In addition I contributed to numerous other projects, including: Awaitility, AssertJ, Gradle, Spock, Mockito, Jenkins Rundeck Plugin, Axion Release Plugin, nebula-test, Infinitest, jfairy, Spring Cloud Contract, AppFuse, Jenkins Core and Jenkins Job DSL.


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