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Last Saturday together with 8 other mentors we were showing various Git-related technics on Git kata event for over 80 people.

Git kata was a free git workshop conducted in a kata form. Paraphrasing Wikipedia “A Git kata is an exercise in using Git which helps an user hone their skills through practice and repetition”. During sessions a mentor was showing selected Git aspects in practice providing listeners detailed comments on each performed step. The attenders could follow master’s steps using their own laptops.

There were various Git technics covered including:
– undoing changes (reset, revert, reflog),
– useful aliases, configuration tricks, Git internals and git prompt with fish shell,
– collaboration with other using public services (like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Gitorious) or patches via email/USB,
– submodules, filter branch and rerere.

In the past I was leading different programming katas, but I have never head about the idea to use it with Git. It sounded very interesting when I was asked to join a mentors team on Git kata. I hope I helped some people better understand internals of Git commands and in addition having two free slots I got to know (among other things) about rerere which can reduce number of manual merges (have you even heard about it before?). “branch.autosetuprebase always” flag which set a rebase as a default strategy on pull for a newly created branches or a “help.autocorrect 1” flag which automatically applies “did you mean” suggestions in case of typo. The event was very successful and I wonder if not to extend my training portfolio by a Git course.