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Recently there was an interesting and unusual event in Warsaw for all enthusiasts of testing – “6 tastes of testing – flashtalks“. Instead of one long presentation common for WJUG meetings 6 guys gave 6 flashtalks (~15 minutes long presentations) about different aspects of testing.

The audience could listen about:

  • Fest Assertions – a set of assertions with fluent API for TestNG and JUnit by Michał Lewandowski,
  • JUnitPrams – a better way to write parameterized tests with JUnit by Paweł Lipiński,
  • Spock – a setting new standards testing framework for Java and Groovy code by Jakub Nabrdalik,
  • Geb – a Groovy way for acceptance testing with Web Driver and Page Object Pattern by Tomasz Kalkosiński,
  • asynchronous calls testing with Awaitility by Marcin Zajączkowski (a.k.a. me),
  • the idea how to use IoC and Guice in tests by Paweł Cesar Sanjuan Szklarz.

On my own speach I performed an experiment with a presentation format. Instead of a classical Impress/Power Point slides I used Vym – View Your Mind – an interesting tool for mind mapping with a build in slide editor. It allowed me to “animate” my mind map and talk about every its point (node). By the way I reported a dozen of feature requests for Vym, so there is a chance to make a slide editor even better on the next presentation :). The downside of using such tool is a limited way how it could be exported to some neutral format. The picture below contains the whole map, but without code snippets.

Sleepless asynchronous calls testing with Awaitility

The people I asked were pleased with the presentations. They were cross-sectional and touched many different aspects briefly, but even though I knew covered topics before I noted down a few useful tips. The venue was tightly filled (about 100 people). In addition to interesting topics there were an ability to eat pizza and win an SSD disk. The event was completed with a networking session in the near restaurant. For those who cannot attend there is a video available (in Polish) on the WJUG’s You Tube channel.