Testing training

Would you like to:
– improve your testing abilities?
– be able to write more readable & maintainable tests?
– get familiar with Spock or get know about hidden nooks & crannies of Spock?
– equalize & enhance testing skills in your team?

If yes, you may be interested in my authorial “Effective code testing with Spock” training delivered including topics such as:
– unit testing (the corner stone of all testing)
– Spock Framework
– Test-driven development
– safe refactoring
– mocking (with Spock & Mockito)
– integration testing with Spring Framework (including Spring Boot, testing with database and Spring MVC)
– advanced techniques (including asynchronous code testing, mutation testing, optimizing test execution time)

After 3 days of intensive training with high number of practical exercises you will be confident in writing fast & maintainable tests and will be able to use powerful Spock features.

Feel free to contact me directly about detailed training course plan (which can be highly customized): marcin.zajaczkowski ATT solidsoft DOTT info.

Btw, if you are stiffly bounded to JUnit, a variant with JUnit/Mockito/AssertJ is also available.

Btw2, I also conduct some other kind of trainings, including Java 8, Legacy Code and Groovy.