About me

Solid Soft – Working code is not enough – about writing Clean Code, Software Craftsmanship, TDD, my tools, useful software and random tricks from a battlefield.

Marcin Zajączkowski – Software Craftsman & Solution Architect

Areas of expertise

I am an experienced architect who specializes in creating high quality software. Being under the impression of the Agile methodologies and the Software Craftsmanship movement, I believe in the value of good, testable and maintainable code. I aim to forge good software that makes the client delighted and the team proud of how the code itself looks.

In my teaching, as a conference speaker, college lecturer, IT coach and trainer, I show how to guide software development effectively using tests (with TDD, pair programming, Clean Code, design patterns, etc.) and maintaining a quality-oriented development environment (with CI, Sonar, automatic deployment, etc.).

I am also a FOSS projects author and contributor, a Linux enthusiast.

You can contact me by email: marcin.zajaczkowski ATT solidsoft DOTT info.


See a separated page.

Public speeches

In addition to regular work with real-life projects and occasional closed commercial trainings about code quality I get heavily involved into conferences, workshops, hackathons and JUG meetings. I’m passionate about “good code”, automatic tests, TDD, and using nice tools for my own work. I share this knowledge with others so everyone can benefit. Each talk is a challenge which motivates me to learn even more. Here is a list of those events.

Mockito 2 – The Return of the King, Confitura, Warszawa
– Internal event of the outsourcing company
Mockito 2 – The Return of the King, GeeCON, Kraków
Continuous Delivery in Open Source projects – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Boiling Frogs, Wrocław

– I conducted “Continuous Delivery for open source projects” talk at JDD in Kraków
– I gave “7 reasons why you should bother learning Spock (for Java developers)” presentation at LatCraft meeting in Riga, Latvia
– Teamed with Łukasz Szczęsny we were talking about Jenkins automation, Job DSL and Jenkins 2 at Devoxx Polska in Kraków
– I presented less known, but interesting nooks and crannies of Spock Framework at Gr8Conf conference in Denmark
– I gave an “Interesting nooks and crannies of Spock you (may) have never seen before” talk at GeeCON conference in Kraków
– Again with Łukasz Szczęsny we led a presentation about managing Jenkins with Groovy DSL at Gr8Day Warsaw conference
– Together with Łukasz Szczęsny we had “Jenkins as a Code” talk about Jenkins infrastructure management and Continuous Delivery at FOSDEM conference, Belgium
– I gave a revived version of my “Mutation testing: how good your tests really are?” presentation at Boling Frogs – Software Craftsmanship Conference in Wrocław

– I had a presentation “Smarter Java code testing with Spock Framework – Advanced features” at JDD conference in Kraków
– I led “Advanced and less known features in Spock Framework” at Warsaw Groovy User Group
– I gave “Smarter Java code testing with Spock Framework” presentation at 4Developers conference
– I gave a flash talk how Java 8 simplifies testing code at DevConf.cz conference, Czech Republic
– I had a presentation “Java 8 brings power to testing!” at GeeCON TDD conference in Poznań

– I gave a guest lecture about mutation testing at Łódź JUG meeting
– I had (together with Michał Piotrkowski) a workshop Legacy code – effective revitalization at JDD conference
– I led (together with Michał Piotrkowski) a workshop about working with legacy code at Warsjawa conference
– I was a co-organizer of Microservice Hackathon 2014
– I gave a talk about new interesting features in upcoming Spock Framework 1.0 at Confitura conference
– I was talking about writing “good code” at DevCon conference
– I had a flash talk about small yet interesting changes in Java 8
– I gave “Sleepless asynchronous calls testing with Awaitility” talk at 4Developers conference
– I led a workshop about mocking and Mockito at a Jinkubator meeting
– I gave “Mutation testing: how good your tests really are?” talk at Developer Conference in Brno, Czech Republic

– I had a talk about checking the quality of automatic tests with mutation testing at JDD conference in Krakow
– I gave a presentation about mutation testing at Confitura conference
– I let a workshop about Mockito at Test Kata
– I gave Awaitility flash talk at “6 tastes of testing” WJUG meeting
– I led 5 workshops about Git at GitKata

– I was a mentor at the 2nd edition of Agile Development Day
– I created a reference card for Mockito (aka Mockito refcard) published by DZone

– I had a talk about Test-Driven Development at WIT
– I gave a presentation about best practices in software development at WIT
– I was a mentor at Agile Development Day
– I led TDD Coding Dojo workshop together with Krzysiek Jelski at JDD in Krakow
– I gave a talk about writing good code at Confitura conference
– I had a presentation about the importance of code quality at Inżynierskie Targi Pracy

– I had a talk for students about writing clean code at WIT
– I co-led a few meetings at Design Patterns Study Group

– I gave a talk about full text search with Lucene and Compass at Warszawa Java User Group


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